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December 4, 2014

I can no longer add photos to this site and so I my future posts with photos will post on my art website where I have 20 gigs to work with.  I will be forwarding your sign up over there and the one here will remain as well.  If that arrangement is not to your liking just let me know.

The site is  There are links to the Art blog or you can use!blog/cxhw

There you will find photos, and this blog which will be written here but will appear on the website as well so you see both in one place.  There is a comment section, which can also post to facebook.  My web provider does not have a link to google plus.

Hope you enjoy!



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What I have been up to

Our first 6 weeks in Rome were a busy time.  We had a visitor from Valencia, Enid, who is an American actually.  She was here for a week.  Then came a couple from the US.  He and go back a long ways.  And then came Cal.  He was married to Peg back in the 70’s and we’ve been keeping up at least since Peg and I married in 1983.     I was not until late October that I was able to devote much time to art.


I have recently moved my website to one independent of the gallery representing me, Xanadu (  This allows me much greater freedom to post my work.

You can see my latest works at





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Peace Corps Dam Project Funded

Thanks in good measure to our fund raising efforts, our nephew’s Peace Corps Project has been fully funded.   To those of you who donated time or money, many many thanks!

I will provide updates as soon as they are available here, at and G+.




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Photos of our place in the Pigneto neighborhood

October 2014


Here are a few photos of our place in Rome.  The Pigneto neighborhood is a bit edgy.  There are quite a few buildings needing total renovation and quite a few have been redone.  The new metro line is coming to the area but still the city neglects it a bit so the streets are not being swept and there are not enough trash bins.  There seems to be a mix of the very poor and the upwardly mobile (well, maybe not mobile).  There is a short walk to three tram lines and several buses.  To get anywhere seems to take an hour unless you are just going to Termini, the central rail station.  But from there you can get most anywhere.

The house is on two levels.  On the upper level is a large deck, the kitchen, bath and bedroom with the queen size bed.  On the lower level is a large living room (where I paint and Peg works), a bathroom and a smaller bedroom.

There are steps everywhere.  Two steps to go on the deck, two to go to the master bedroom.  Downstairs you step up to go into the bathroom and down again to the sink area and down again to the toilet.  To the bedroom downstairs you go down a step.  There are light switches galore, confusing but there is plenty of good lighting.

The kitchen features a 5 burner stove (2 of which are not working), and a decent sized refrigerator.  There is a dining table there, one on the deck and a third on the lower level.  The entrance leads to a patio with a wide door as well as sliding glass doors.

It’s a super place with some strange features in an iffy area.  Overall one of the best places we’ve lived in, although the internet has been a bit iffy.


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Building a dam in Zambia

October 2014

We decided to raise $2000 in a fast and furious fundraising effort to build a dam for three small villages in Zambia.

In June, we went to Zambia and saw first hand what our nephew, Travis, is working on. He’s a Peace Corps volunteer building a dam for fish ponds to help feed the villagers. These are among the friendliest people I’ve ever met and their children are delightful. Please join our fundraiser and make a small donation. Every dollar you donate goes straight to the project and every gift is tax deductible. 


The spill way – hand dug by the locals. The dam will feed 5 fish ponds.

I am asking you to you join us and make a donation in any amount to help these people.  Donate on the Peace Corps site:

Join our Facebook group.  All the information is there for you to read, including paintings and drawings I made while I was visiting, plus our blog posts about the trip. Please help Peg and me make this project a success by joining the group and donating today.   If you will let me know the amount of your donation, it would help me keep track of where we are.

If you would like to buy a painting from that trip, I am giving 50% of the proceeds to the project, plus a 20% discount to you.  Please go to  You can see the paintings there.  I have already sold 4 of them but there are several very good ones left!  My email for that site is

The Chorus

The Chorus- they welcomed us with harmonies


This is a new site so not all of my work is there.  The rest is still on

Remember every donation helps, no matter the amount!  And much appreciated!!!!!




PS we have raised over $500 so far!

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Mercato Centrale in Firenze

September 2014


Here are some photos of the Central Market in Florence.  September is the mushroom harvest so you’ll see quite a few of them.


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Photos from Florence

September 28, 2014


Just spent three days in Florence.  Here are some photos of the town.  The overviews are from the Michelangelo Plaza.


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Zambian Peace Corp Project Announced- from the village where I did all those paintings

As you may recall we visited Zambia and while there we visited our nephew Travis who is a Peace Corps Volunteer.   One of the things they are working on is a dam and they need $3500 for concrete and things. If you have a spare $5-10 or $100, please chip in.
In addition I will donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale of paintings from my Zambia series, all of which so far have come from this village.  Go to


Project description:

“The goal of the Community Dam Project is to complete a 60 meter earthen dam by the beginning of the next rainy season. The community provides the labor necessary, working twice a week. They have already completed 20 meters and are now digging the foundation for the spillway.

The objective is to raise the water lever in order to increase the area of land able to be irrigated. After the dam is completed a total area of more than 30,000 square meters will be available for fish ponds and/or year round irrigation for agriculture. This would allow for the potential of a massive integrated agriculture and agriculture system interconnecting animal husbandry, aquaculture, and agriculture.”

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A few photos we took today in Rome (set to music)


We went around Rome today.  We started at the Gianicolo for some great views, then to Castle SanAngelo, about 2000 years old.  We ended up at the Forum.


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The Zambia Series

The Zambia Series

From our safari to Zambia, June 2014.

These paintings are mostly from my journal, which I did while we were there. Some of the very small ones I later did on larger paper, also in water color.

We traveled by train for 1500 kilometers from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to Zambia, and spent several days in a small village where our nephew works as a Peace Corps Volunteer. It was an uplifting experience.

It started with an hour long walk in the dark (see the painting “Heart of Lightness”). As we approached the village we heard shouts of joy, hugs and kisses soon following. Then they sang for an hour, choral harmony in which the whole village joined. We were perfect strangers yet they welcomed us as if we were long lost relatives.

We lived in a small hut and watched the people work on the dam, harvest cassava and do other chores. What loads the women can carry on their heads! We ate with them, partied with them. They are sweet and innocent, these people of Lunda land.

I hope you will enjoy my portrayal of the experience, the colors, the scenes, the sense of innocence.  To see them, go to

Heart of Lightness We walked on the path towards the village under the glow of the yellow moon. After almost an hour we saw the glow of campfires on the hill. Soon we were welcomed with shrieks and smothered with hugs and kisses on the cheeks.

The Chorus  After we arrived they sang in harmony for an hour.  Children in the front row would sometimes bang the rhythm on the ground. The second row was for the teens, and the adults were in the last.  They sang beautifully.

Women Dance  At night the young women danced around a campfire, for which they used a brazier. The wood fire cast an orange glow. My original was just 2″x 4″. The rhythms were mesmerizing. Even some of the older women (by older I mean over 25, as the life span here is just 45) joined in. I wanted to also.

Women Collect Sand  The Peace Corps project is a small dam for filling fish ponds.  They need the protein and the income.  They do not have much of either.  They have goats but they do not eat them, they are for dowries, and they are lactose intolerant so nary a piece of cheese in the country.   In this painting they collect sand for the dam.

Walking the Bush  We explored the area around the village.  Here are friends walk through the bush.

What I experienced gave me a new perspective, different colors, the elongated limbs, the redness of the soil.

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