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I channel the local scene where ever we happen to be. I am currently in Rome but often live in other parts of Europe, and also live in or visit other continents. I am exposed to a wide variety of architecture, local scenes, and other aspects of local culture including the fine arts. Bar scenes in Paris, crowds in Spain, people in Istanbul, interesting old windy streets in historic centers like Tallinn Estonia, ruins in Rome, women carrying babies strapped to their backs in Zambia or dancing around glowing embers at night under the stars, all contribute to a collection of works that I hope shine a light on the dignity and complexity of the human experience.

Russian Church Tallinn Estonia

Russian Church Tallinn Estonia


Jazz Singer

Jazz Singer, acrylics (A4, 11.5 x 16.5)

I search f or simple, casual elegance, in movement, in the planes and forms of face and the body, as well as in a scene, groups of people conversing in bars and cafes, the crowds where we walk and watch and wait, in my friends and loved ones, perhaps in a poor old woman struggling to survive, in architecture, ruins or even just some scattered boulders.

Because of our extensive travel I often work in watercolors and pen and ink. When working in plein air in ink I use a pen and a brush with a built in water reservoir. I use both hands simultaneously to rough in the forms and to create the matrix. Many of these originals are just 2” x 4” in size and so I generally sell these as prints. Clients say they are fresh and original.

In my water colors and acrylics you will find scenes from urban life, perhaps a crowd scenes a la Jean Dufy, an urban landscape. I do portraits on a whim or on commission. You will find many drawings and paintings of concerts and other musical events, including a number of miniature pen and ink drawings I did in the audience at Palau de la Musica, Valencia, Spain.


Palau de La Musica May 2015 Last Visit (miniature)

Palau de La Musica May 2015 Last Visit (miniature) pen and ink


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