Building a dam in Zambia

October 2014

We decided to raise $2000 in a fast and furious fundraising effort to build a dam for three small villages in Zambia.

In June, we went to Zambia and saw first hand what our nephew, Travis, is working on. He’s a Peace Corps volunteer building a dam for fish ponds to help feed the villagers. These are among the friendliest people I’ve ever met and their children are delightful. Please join our fundraiser and make a small donation. Every dollar you donate goes straight to the project and every gift is tax deductible. 


The spill way – hand dug by the locals. The dam will feed 5 fish ponds.

I am asking you to you join us and make a donation in any amount to help these people.  Donate on the Peace Corps site:

Join our Facebook group.  All the information is there for you to read, including paintings and drawings I made while I was visiting, plus our blog posts about the trip. Please help Peg and me make this project a success by joining the group and donating today.   If you will let me know the amount of your donation, it would help me keep track of where we are.

If you would like to buy a painting from that trip, I am giving 50% of the proceeds to the project, plus a 20% discount to you.  Please go to  You can see the paintings there.  I have already sold 4 of them but there are several very good ones left!  My email for that site is

The Chorus

The Chorus- they welcomed us with harmonies


This is a new site so not all of my work is there.  The rest is still on

Remember every donation helps, no matter the amount!  And much appreciated!!!!!




PS we have raised over $500 so far!

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