Video slide show from a small village in Zambia- my favorite part of the journey

These photos are from our June 2014 visit to Zambia.  Our nephew is serving in the Peace Corps, following his brother in el Salvador and us in Panama.  The drawings in the video are from my journal, which I will publish.   This was my favorite part of the journey.  As spectacular as the animals were, as great as Victoria Falls was, this was more meaningful, touching me profoundly.

Here’s a people with so little in material goods who are just above subsistence and yet they expressed such joy at our arrival and for the next three days of our time there.

Here’s my description of the arrival from my journal.  You can click on them to enlarge.   Below is the link to the video.


My art:

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3 Responses to Video slide show from a small village in Zambia- my favorite part of the journey

  1. Marianne Olive says:

    Gary and Peg,
    What a great life journey you guys are taking. Soak it all in and draw lots of pictures and document them in your journal with your story. Enjoy every breath of it.

  2. Bob and Pat Greenwald says:

    My oh my . . our incredible yesteryear friends. We sometimes read your reports convinced we are perusing a fictional tale borne of a vivid fantasy. You two act like a couple of thirty-somethings! Where do you get the energy to endlessly travel the planet?

    We look forward any time now to your archives coming to print with a major publisher.

    Now in my 91st year, I can barely make it from the bedroom to the water closet. Even Pat, almost ten years my junior, is often short on stamina. But given our advanced ages, we have much to be thankful for, having come this far without more serious health issues to contend with.

    Our best wishes to the multiple aborigines and continued safe and exhilarating exploration for the Kirkpatricks.

    Pat ‘n Bob

    • garypeg says:

      Well hello! 91 and still kicking! And writing brilliantly as well. Wow! Currently we hire out most of our traveling and actually are just a few miles from you. To your continued good health and good cheer! Aboriginally yours, gary PS Un abrazo to your child bride.

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