From Rome, With Love

It was an early morning dash to the airport and then some tense minutes while I tried to find Peggy at the airport.  But smooth flying and a view of il Coloseo as we came in.  There’s a bus from Ciampino to Termini train station that’s quite easy, then an expensive cab ride to our hotel,; it happened to be near the house we are renting for the next several months.  It was lunchtime.

Our clerk sent us to a restaurant which was diretto, diretto down the street.  Not.  But some locals helped us find what we were looking for and we settled on a very local – there are no tourists in this section- and very good restaurant.  We ordered a pasta dish which we shared, and a mixed deep fried mixed plate with zucchini including the flower, stuffed olives, a rice ball and a few other goodies.  We got a very good local 1/2 bottle of red for 5 euros.  It took forever but it was good.

After a bit of a rest we met our future landlords-  we start in early September.  They have a house they renovated, their friends having bought and done the other half of an old shop.  The lady of the house is an architect.  She did a fine design it seemed to us.  I’ll describe the place soon but there’s a huge outdoor terrace.  They dine there 8 months of the year.

More soon.



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6 Responses to From Rome, With Love

  1. Cal Gough says:

    A terrace? I hope the weather come mid-October will be congenial for terrace-situated meals! Sound wonderful! Congratulations on a safe landing in your new temporary home town.

  2. Carol J. Byrne says:

    sounds like you found a great place to park your bags for a few months. Enjoy the time and keep us posted with your usual great commentary, drawings and photos. Looking forward to them.


  3. Emöke says:

    A huge terrace…you can be very happy.

    Enjoy the time in ROMA.



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