A little about Zambia

Zambia under British control was called Northern Rhodesia.  It is bordered by the Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo) to the north, Tanzania in the northeast (from whence we came), Malawi to the east.  Mozambique is to the south as is Zimbabwe.  The latter border is defined by the famous Victoria Falls, which is a major attraction and where we will spend about 5 days.  Also to the south is Botswana and Namibia.   The capital is Lusaka.  The country became independent in 1963.

The northern part of the country where we will be for the first part of our journey is a copper producing region.

The area was inhabited by hunter-gatherers until 300 CE.   The Bantu tribes pushed them or or absorbed them.   In the 12th century there were additional Bantu settlers.   Nkoyas are from Luba-Lunda from the south.  In the early 19th century came the Nsokols, settling in the north.

The Portuguese arrived in the 18th century.  The Scotsman David Livingstone came to bring Christianity, Commerce and Civilization to the area in the 19th century.  The city near the famous Victoria Falls is named after him.



Kalambo Falls is of great importance archaeologically.  It chronicles human activity for over 250,000 years.   It was first excavated in 1953.  Stone tools, hearths and more well.  Tools found at the Kalambo Gorge date to  300,000 BCE, and evidence of fire use goes back some 60,000 years.  Mwela rock paintings are a national monument.





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