Fallas has begun!

Fallas has unofficially started in Valencia. This huge festival doubles the city’s population for about three weeks.

Here is a video the first Mascleta oif Fallas this year. The Mascleta is an enormous fireworks display. It is more about feeling it that seeing or hearing it. The deep vibrations shake you to the bone! This happens every day at 2pm for three weeks.


Satruday night March 9 they brought in the expo of one of the larger fallas, Na Jourdana, which is our neighborhood fallas (these are responsible for organizing and funding their ‘fallas’ which consists of truly marvelous sculptures).  They erected a 25 meter tall Trojan horse.  I am not sure what the exhibit is about but will keep you posted.

The streets are full of people and vendors selling churros and bunuelos (deep fried also but made of pumpkin or squash of some sort).

Here is a link to some photos:  https://plus.google.com/photos/111993279450383941292/albums/5853756659073295025





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