January art- off to a great start!


This is probably my best month art wise.  I think the pieces I did this month are on the whole my best to date.  I have sold some of my work and arranged for another exhibition.  A friend of mine who is a collector said some of my pieces could do quite well in the galleries there.  And a very dear friend of mine, also a very good artist and who has taught me a lot, requested one of my pieces!  I am very proud!


That’s the link to my picasa site.



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4 Responses to January art- off to a great start!

  1. regine cetin says:

    Congratulations ! Another life ahead ??

    • garypeg says:

      I am trying to get something going, Regine! Not trying to make this a full time occupation but I am enjoying it! Maybe see you in Paris later this month. Will be in touch.

  2. Shirley says:

    Wow, Gary. Just took a meander through your “Jan” art. I really like the little boy peeking over the windowsill and the chat is striking. I think Danny would like that one … talk to me re $$$$

  3. Cal says:

    Well, these drawings are really astonishing…and in the good way! Love the ones with the splashes of color (the cat, the clown), but all of them are very accomplished, IMHO! Who knew that you would invent yet another income stream for y’all’s enviable wanderings! Congrats again, and I hope you enjoy doing this enough that you’ll continue regardless of the fianancial returns…although of course that would be great if you actually have a new career on your hands!

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