Per capita consumption of beer in Germany: 3 gallons. Per day!

I can not be exhaustive of the possibilities but here are some highlights from my viewpoint:

  1. Beer.  It is everywhere.  There are beer stores and wine shops, and a few carry both.  You see people in parks and on benches drinking from glass bottles, no cans.  I was generally not super impressed.  I recall my first trip to Germany watching people take five minutes to pour a beer, which resulted in a huge thick head.  They are nice here but not as impressive as I remember, and I remember the beer being stronger.  Per capita consumption, 3 gallons.  Per day!!!  No just joking.
  2. Pork.  Enormous quantities.  Pig’s knuckle is a big deal.  I do not think they come from the foot.  The one we shared was too big to be a pig’s foot or at any rate did not look like one. We saw them boiled or baked.  The baked one Peg had was very good.  Per capita 4 per day.
  3. Curry weiner.  I had one, it was awful.  It was a hot dog type of sausage with breading and it might have had meal in it.   Served with a catsup with some sort of mild curry spice.  Per capita only 2 a day.
  4. Breads.  Fantastic unless you are looking for a baguette.  Hearty dark grains, seeds on the top, seeds throughout.  Small role to big loaf.  Hard rolls too, with poppy seeds.  Some great desserts, too, many creamy ones that must have 750 calories.  Cherries and other fruits are often included.  Per capita about 10-12 slices!   Up to 3000 calories per slice.
  5. Schnitzels.  Can’t believe I have not had one.  The per capita must be 6-7 per day!!
  6. Cheese.  A pleasant surprise.  There are some very strong flavored ones that compare favorably with similar French cheeses.  Per capita: 1 oz per month
  7.  Coffee.  Not as good as Paris or Italy but certainly respectable and cheaper than Paris.
  8. Wine.  This is beer country.  German wines are mostly just ok.

All in all I’ve enjoyed the food here more than I thought I would.  You come here for the museums not the food but you’ll not be disappointed.

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2 Responses to Per capita consumption of beer in Germany: 3 gallons. Per day!

  1. your kitchen friend says:

    Hi Gary and Peg,
    Sounds like you are having a great time in Berlin with a certain culinary curiosity! Bravo! For info, the “pig’s knuckle” is a bit of a misnomer as it is really the knee and includes part above the knee. But then maybe knees are called knuckles on pigs….
    best regards,

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