Connections to a video

In March we went to the Consulate to get a document notarized in connection with my effort to obtain dual citizenship.  Someone had posted a notice from a bar where you could exchange English and Spanish.  We went to that bar.  There we met Husan.  Husan had learned to the play the piano after moving from Korea as a 10 year old to the Canary Islands.  The Canary Islands did not fall into the sea so therefore Husan could finish her training,which took her to Vienna.  Therefore she was able to take a job in Valencia 18 years later.   She invited us to see one of her students perform.

Here is the video:

Husan Park accompanies Carmen Romeu, soprano.

This is Carmen’s last performance at the school.  She is already working and should become successful as an opera singer.  This is a highly competitive field and relatively few people find steady work.  She has a fighting chance.

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4 Responses to Connections to a video

  1. Nice Blog- I wish I knew how to start one and do it so tastefully! I have to learn about that for school!

    I also have to redo my OLD website!

    blessings, Abby

  2. panamapg says:

    Thanks for the compliment. I am using WordPress software for this blog. You can get a free word press blog from You do not install the software, they do it for you. You get a limited capability that way. This site uses a provider that allows you to install wordpress and you get more features that way, but you have more to learn to get going. Let me know if I can help.

  3. Husan says:

    Peggy & Gary!
    You’ve spend a precious place on your web writing about me! That’s flattering (I’m not sure if it’s right expression for “halagar”)!
    Next week we’ll have other student graduation concerts and I’m afraid we have nobody to take youtube vid’s! 😦
    I think it was a great concert after all kind of failed organisations. Thank you again for the video on youtube!

    This young tenor wished so much to join your english conversation but he hadn’t any time. Soon he will sing at Palau de les Arts.

    Oh, by the way, I was working also in the Music University in Vienna! But it was so cold (in every sense) all the time that I choosed Valencia. That was the only reason.

    Miss you!

    • panamapg says:

      I can imagine you in Vienna shivering in that long, damp and gray winter. On the other hand, there are good weiners! Flattering is the right word.

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