Video of local performance, May 26, 2011 Valencia

This event as so many others was sponsored by the Valencian government.  As usual there was no admission charge.  Here’s a bit from a Hungarian Roma group.  Click below.

Hungarian Roma troup

My notes written as we waited:

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3 Responses to Video of local performance, May 26, 2011 Valencia

  1. Ruth Crocker says:

    I recognize that handwriting above…I was writing a comment after the “tapas” article and it disappeared on me…sure it was my fault (thumb). Glad you did the visual on the cafe excursion. I could almost get a feel for the “lids” all around…do you open the lids yourself, or do waitpersons do that for you? I wish I had a lot more access to olive oil and garlic. Like both of those…I don’t fry…actually don’t cook except scrambled eggs, biscuits on some weekends; eat a lot of oatmeal, mini bagels, fresh tomatoes, turkey sandwiches, banana/peanut butter/mayo sandwiches….about the only olive oil I get is in my mayo and in my margarine; and a lot of fresh squeezed orange juice. I have virgin olive oil to cook with, but I do not care to cook just for myself; also buy chicken, vegetables at Brookshire’s deli…not much of a gourmet, here. My favorite has always been meat loaf, sweet potatoes and turnip greens…yum! My niece wrote on facebook about making “paella.” I told her about you and Peg being in paella country.

  2. Cathy Branath Willis says:

    Gary, so glad this link showed up on Facebook. I have enjoyed reading lots of your posts this morning. You and Peg sure are world travelers. Your descriptive writing style brings everything to life so vividly. I look forward to reading more of your adventures!

    • panamapg says:

      So glad you stopped by! I enjoy sharing our adventures. Even though we are getting to be real pros at this, we learn something every day.

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