Photos of the wonderful sculptures of Fallas, Valencia’s annual carnival

Apparently no one is getting notifications from that site.  Please go to!blog/cxhw

There you will find photos of various Fallas (foam and wooden sculptures often satirical in nature and up to 75′ tall) as well as a video of the amazing street lights which are also famous, and the sound and light shows they do nightly during Fallas (March 1-19 each year).



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Adding your email to my new blog list


You might be getting a notification from my new blog location asking for you to confirm your subscription. This is a free blog and I have no more server space for photos so I have a paid site which I also use for my art. This means I post a link here which takes you to my art site when I have to post photos.   Eventually I will move my art to a wordpress site and thus will be able to merge the two.

I am also having a problem with people not getting notices from my art blog.  Now that I have figured out what the problem was here I will work on that one.

My email forwarding failed some time back and I just now realized it.  There are number of posts under ‘Art’ and ‘Fallas’



(updated March 19)

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First Mascleta of Fallas 2015!

Here’s a short explanation and two photos from the first mascleta of Fallas 2015!!First-Mescleta-of-Fallas-2015/c18cl/0F305F7E-3123-4642-99F6-F28632D58C30

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Je Suis Charlie- Poignant cartoons from artists around the world on exhibit here

Here’s the link to the art blog where you can see the cartoons.  The first one is the most damning!!Je-Suis-Charlie-Memorial-Cartoons-exhibited-today-in-Valencia/c18cl/10FA7199-3E4B-4FED-958A-6CED512DAF28

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MUVIM museum, The History of Thought and Marionnettes

The link takes you to the article.  Some great marionettes!!Marionettes-at-the-MUVIM/c18cl/881EB8C5-3B9A-4923-981A-C44C10D0B89A

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Hola de Valencia

Here’s my latest post on the art blog:!Hola-from-Valencia/c18cl/ECDBD1CE-1AD3-4137-9C59-08EF27329318



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New work

“Frolicking On The Beach” is based on a photograph of a high school friend.  It was just such an inspiring photo that I spent a few days on a graphite version.  She really likes it and I think you will too.

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Orvieto and its fabulous cathedral

Here’s my latest blog entry, about the fabulous cathedral in Orvieto.  Photos of the wall paintings!!Orvieto-A-fabulous-cathedral-in-a-old-hilltop-town/c18cl/C5A8D376-0E8D-4A08-8E5E-60851CF8BFBB

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Name that painting contest

Ok it’s a Name That Painting contest. I like the name, you get the painting. That’s it. You do not want this one I will offer you another.!home/c1ip



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Moving and happy holiday sale!

Ciao!  We are leaving Rome December 18th and I must sell some of my paintings so I have greatly reduced prices.  We leave December 18th so this ends December 15.  Many pieces are just $25 plus shipping.  Check it out!!holiday-specials/c1t1t

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